Dr. Goudarz Vassigh

I was having daily migraine headaches, with constant neck and some back pain, this was causing me to leave work. Dr. G came to my office to see how I was sitting at my desk and rearranged my work space. He put me on a treatment plan of 6 weeks of chiropractic, light therapy and massage. It is unbelievable how much better I feel and the quality of my life has improved! I recommend Back-Health & Inner Radiance Wellness to everyone! Monica J. Jan. 2018

I felt like I was getting the flu, I was worn down, achy, fatigued and everyone around me was sick. I came into Back-Health & Inner Radiance to see Dr. G and get an adjustment. After talking to me Dr. G recommended some supplements, (AllerDHQ, Immune Essential and ProteoXyme). I took the supplements and I felt much better, I did not get sick and I was totally back on track again! I would absolutely recommend seeing Dr. G and his staff any day! Marisa D. October, 2017.

Before I came to Back-Health & Inner Radiance Wellness Center I had red skin and fine lines on my face. My lifestyle was pretty stressful and it was definitely starting to show. I added some supplements to my diet and I started to receive monthly facials from Marisa. My skin is now calm and the redness and fine lines are greatly reduced. I feel much better about the quality of my life, and I would definitely recommend Marisa to anyone! Danielle R. August, 2017.

I came in to Back-Health Chiropractic for Sciatica and Arthritis in my spine. I wasn't able to sit comfortably for any length of time, the pain was in my hips and in the center of my upper back. Dr. G put me on a treatment program time a week for 4 weeks and I have experienced a decrease in pain with more freedom of movement. Now I can work and not be distracted by the pain, I feel so much better. I am so much happier about life and I feel less old! I recommend Dr G. to keep your body healthy and moving.......... Joanne S. August, 2017.

I came to see Dr. Sumberg, Naturopathic Doctor because I had been to 4 hospitals within 2 weeks. I had night time tremors lasting 5-8 hours a night. I don't know the cause of the tremors, but suspect that they were a side affect of medication that I was taking. I was having a very hard time dealing with the tremors, my blood pressure and pulse rate had increased. I was experiencing headaches and a lack of sleep. Dr. Sumberg's treatment was great! She started blood work to get my thyroid back to normal, she prescribed me a combination of natural supplements and gemstone therapy. I feel so much better! I have recommended Dr. Sumberg to one of my friends and will continue to recommend her! Kathleen B. August, 2017.

I started coming to see Dr. G because I had shoulder and back pain, and I could not sleep more than 2 hours at a time because the pain was so severe. Dr. G put me on a treatment program for chiropractic care with massage therapy 2 times a week. I am totally back to normal and completely cured! I have no pain and I can sleep through the night. I would definitely recommend Dr. G!! Michael R. May, 2017.

I am a truck driver with a sedentary isolated job. This has created a lot of muscle soreness mainly in my back and hips. I also have a sacroiliac injury. After seeing Dr. G for chiropractic treatment with massage therapy I have experienced a deep release and much improvement in my condition. Without a doubt I would recommend Back-Health & Inner Radiance Wellness Center! Robert G. March, 2017.

I was experiencing back spasms due to my rib being out of place, which was causing me to have irritating pain, discomfort and a lot of difficulty sleeping. After seeing Dr. G for chiropractic treatment and massage therapy I felt complete relief within 24 hours. I feel great and my quality of life has improved! I would absolutely recommend Dr. G and the wellness center! Angie N. Feb., 2017.

I have been coming to see Dr. G and his staff for some time, but most recently for a muscle pull in my right glute, hamstring and right heel pain. I was living with the pain and having to take Ibruprofen every 4 hours with ice and heat, but since Dr. G has been treating me the pain has decreased alot! The quality of my life is getting better everyday. I would absolutely recommend Dr. G and his staff! Jenn C. February, 2017.

I had a massage this past Saturday and I was very pleased with my service. I feel that Luis really took the time prior to my treatment and listened to what I wanted from the experience and made it happen. The experience was super relaxing but also healing for my sore muscles. Some of the things I noticed that he did was that he kept his hand on me when he was moving around the table so that the massage didn't feel choppy or interrupted. He was also very quiet when moving around (it can be disturbing when you hear shoes squeak, chairs move, and lotion being squeezed.). He also checked in a couple times to make sure the pressure was good (not just at the beginning.). With a new baby at home, my time is very precious to me now. This was a well spent 90 minutes. Abby D. January, 2017.

I came in with neck, shoulder & tension. Dr. G recommended chiropractic & massage therapy, the results I experienced were increased flexibility, stress relief and alignment. I feel Great! Jenny M. September, 2016.

Each plan that Dr. G prescribed helped make drastic changes in my symptoms. As long as I stay on my supplements & frequent visits my quality of life is much better! I would absolutely recommend Dr. G and I do every chance I get! Shannon D. August, 2016.

I am beyond blown away by the professionalism and level of service by both the staff and the doctor.

It's important to trust a chiropractor and I felt as if all my questions were answered, there was no pushing

on treatments I was weary of. I would highly recommend the doctor and facility to anyone.

May 2015 Sammie L.

Dr. G does all he can to keep up with current therapies and is knowledgeable in many areas of health. When I come to Back Health I know I will be professionally treated and personally consulted.
Thank You Dr. G! James R. 3/7/2015

Dr. G and his staff are the best:) I hope I never have to look for another Chiropractor!
Thank you Dr. G.:)
I forgot to mention the Inner Radiance Spa has got to be the best in the Valley and they only use the top rated products...Certified Organic Eminence Skin Care. Book an appointment there, you will not be sorry! Maggie Z 3/19/2015

Dr. G is an extremely knowledgeable and reputable chiropractor. I highly valued his input and his recommendations for me. Thanks, Dr. G. Meghan W. 2/2015

Dr G is the best! His staff are all professional and caring inpiduals! Whenever I have a set back Dr G gets me feeling better and back on track. I travel about 30 miles 1 way to see Dr G. Been seeingDr G for over 18+ years!! My children and grandkids have seen Dr G also. We love you Dr G.and staff!! Sue C. 1/18/2015

10/12/2014 Stephanie B. Scottsdale AZ.

Love, love this wellness center. The staff is so friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They always treat me like a person and friend, not just a patient. My family and I always receive the best care and always leave feeling better. I always feel like the advice I am getting is because they truly care about how I feel and how I am doing....they are not just trying to sell services. My family are patients for life!!

9/24/2014 Thomas R. Phoenix, AZ.

I was referred to this place by a customer of mine who saw me limping around due to a back injury. I called last minute on a Friday before closing to schedule an appointment and they told me to come in and they would see me right away. I was catered to with top of the line therapy equipment to loosen me up for a full adjustment for close to an hour with no one looking at their watch (very relaxing and comfortable environment). I went in there with a pain level of 1 to 10 at an 8. After 2 sessions of therapy I am at worst a 3. I feel that DR. G is looking forward to resolving my back problem rather than drawing it out. The pricing is unbeatable and the service is amazing. I have full confidence that you will be satisfied and write a similar review.

I felt like I was just put through the ringer.... I had my first massage with Verso today. He zoned in on my "problem areas" and found the underlying issues. His attention to detail focus and love for what are you does comes at every point of the massage. He is more than a massage therapist....he is educated and passionate about healing the body! The best body work I have ever had! Thanks Verso. Lindsay H. Phoenix, AZ 10/21/2014

Hands down the best care in the valley! Dr G is thorough educated and takes all the time you need to ensure you are taken care of. His staff is caring, gentle and educated! Hard to find a place that has all in one!!!! Thank you for getting me back on track after my accident! K.K. Phoenix, AZ 9/26/2014

This place is more than just "back health" it improves my life every time I go in. Everyone is a professional and genuinely cares about improving your life. Robert H. Buckeye, AZ 9/22/2014

I've been coming here for Chiropractic care for a bad shoulder for a couple of years - after PT didn't help. They have changed my life. Very happy. I have even ventured to the spa and had some facials and massage -- great place and great staff!

Georgene C. Scottsdale AZ. 9/9/2014

Awesome staff and Dr G is the best. Shawn K. Phoenix, AZ. 10/5/2014

The entire staff are awesome. Always putting my interests first...great service, very fair price! Randy S. Phoenix, AZ. 10/13/2014

Back health chiropractic is the best! Dr. G. Is the most knowledgeable and caring chiropractic I've ever seen. He has helped me with various health and wellness issues and I know I can trust his advice. He has helped me in so many ways over the years and is always learning and using the latest state of the art methods to heal the body. I walk in his office in pain and discomfort and leave feeling light as air. His staff is very friendly and professional. They always fit me in at a moments notice because they really care. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Shelly S. Laguna Beach, CA. 9/24/2014

1/11/2014 Danny T. Phoenix, AZ.

Dr G is AMAZING. He took the time to listen and really find out what was wrong with me. Yes he has a lot of patients and he does have to work on many patients at the same time. However he takes the time is very helpful and knows what he is doing. He actually does spend 1 on 1 time with everyone. He is 25 miles from me and we met him at a garage sell he was having. I can't not tell you how happy I am to have seen him. Driving that far after work to see him is worth every mile. Trust m, he will make you feel like family.

T.W. Phoenix AZ. 1/12/2012

My family and I have been patient's of Dr.G's for four years now. He and his staff have worked miracles on me and helped my daughters through numerous soccer and volleyball injuries. I have chronic lower back pain that flares up from time to time and infringes on my ability to work my second job. With various treatments and adjustments I was able to work, on my feet for 12-16 hr shifts, through the flare up and was pain free within 48hrs.! Dr.G has always gone above and beyond to ensure that we were cared for. He and his staff maintain a highly professional practice while caring for us like family. Thank you Dr. G and Back Health staff, we heart you!
~ The Wilson Family

Meredith W. Phoenix, AZ. 2/6/2010

Our family has been seeing Dr. G (his name is Goudarz, so Dr. G is what all his patients call him) for several years. He has helped us with everything from colds and flu's with the kids to major injuries. Last year my husband threw his back out, and Dr. G got him back on his feet in no time! He is a very talented doctor and is honest and caring.

The staff is very friendly. I love Verso, Dr. G's assistant--he really takes extra care for everyone. You can tell they really love their patients. The massages therapists are great too. Back-Health throws a party a couple of times a year for their patients that is open to the public too--they give free services and have delicious food the entire day.

They've also added in a holistic spa in the last couple of years (Inner Radiance Spa) and have remodeled and created a beautiful center that has natural skin care services too. I've had a wonderful organic facial there (the Hungarian facial massage is unbelievable)

I would definitely recommend Back-Health Chiropractic without hesitation! It's a great place!

Reviews From Our Clients

"I have lived in the valley and have visited many different spas...experienced a lot of different aestheticians, massage therapists, etc. and Inner Radiance Spa & Back Health Chiropractic truly surpasses them all. So much so, that I have been a pampered V.I.P. member of theirs for over years, and in that time, have been able to observe this practice evolve and grow. After my very first spa appointment (a facial), I was hooked on the products they use and have been a personal user of the product line, Eminence Organic Skin care, ever since. The new location on 24th St. gives a more spacious and relaxing vibe, and the new facilities are all state of the art. I feel obligated to give a shout out to the most luxurious bed sheets I have ever experienced in all my 36 years of life. They were so fabulous!! I was compelled to ask about them - Comphy, is the brand. Don't laugh..something as seemingly simple as 'Earth's most luxurious bed sheets' can sometimes be the thing that sets a business apart from all the rest. The products, the space, the professionalism, the talent and expertise coupled with the attention to detail and the warm demeanor of the entire staff make visiting this spa the most anticipated "appointment" on my calendar. So much love to Inner Radiance!!"
Kate W.

"Sweet little spa tucked away in office complex at 32nd Street and Campbell."

"Love that they don't 'push' products. Made me want to buy."

"Inner Radiance Spa has got to be the best in the Valley and they only use the top rated rated products...Certified Organic Eminence Skin Care. Book an appointment there, you will not be sorry!" Maggie Z

"I have been getting facials and acne treatments for quite some time. After getting pregnant I sought out a more organic-friendly facial that was safe for my baby. I was extremely impressed on my first visit. My facial was absolutely awesome. It was so relaxing and the products were amazing. Not only was the staff extremely knowledgeable and friendly, but I began to actually see results that I had not seen before. I make sure to go at least once a month! I can't recommend Inner Radiance Spa enough to people."
Jules V.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Inner Radiance! Great location; many top-notch holistic health care services within this comfortable office; professional, friendly and helpful staff; appointments happen ON TIME!; expert skin care without peer; threading is available- one of my favorite techniques; clean products; highly customized services; reasonable prices/great plan discounts; I feel completely renewed when I leave; MY FAVORITE DAY SPA!"

Description: Merchant Ratings Best Facials Ever!

I have been going to see Shaly for facials for about a year and a half. This is the first facial place I have been to that pampers you the first class way. Shaly really takes care of your face and cares about the long term of it too.They have all organic products so you don't break out. They also have this all natural face lift it is so awesome! what a difference in your face after you leave WOW! I love this place they are so nice and they also have monthly payments too. The prices are unbeatable they always have great deal for holidays .I would highly recommend Inner Radiance Spa. Two thumbs up:)."

Description: Merchant Ratings Great Place for an Organic Facial

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Inner Radiance! Great location; many top-notch, holistic health care services within this comfortable office; professional, friendly & helpful staff; appointments happen ON TIME!; expert skin care without peer; threading is available - one of my favorite techniques; clean products; highly customized services; reasonable prices/great plan discounts; I feel completely renewed when I leave; MY FAVORITE DAY SPA!!!"

- Amara R, Massage Therapist & EFT Practitioner

Description: Merchant RatingsNaturopathic Doctor Highly Recommends!

"Inner Radiance spa has beautifully transformed my skin. I highly recommend Inner Radiance spa to anyone looking to improve the health of their skin. From the completely organic line of products,, and to the serene relaxing atmosphere, this is the perfect therapeutic getaway from everyday stress."

- Jessica M, ND in Santa Monica, CA

Description: Merchant Ratings What Do You Want to Know?

I love Inner Radiance Spa! Shaly gave me the best facial I've ever experienced. She is extremely knowledgeable about skin and which ingredients are best for each individual skin condition. The best part for me that sets Shaly's facials apart from others I've received was her amazing facial massage technique included in the service. I was so relaxed and completely in a zone. She has the most amazing and intuitive touch and besides the noticeable improvement in the texture and condition of my skin, the relaxation part will definitely bring me back. I also love the fact that Inner Radiance is nestled conveniently within a Wellness Center, complete with massage, chiropractics, physiotherapy equipment and more, One stop shopping for de-stressing! I recommend Inner Radiance Spa to everyone.

- S. Mallory, Spa Director

Description: Merchant Ratings I Love Inner Radiance Spa!

I have counted on Shaly for years now for the wonderful moments of relaxation and the feeling of health that I get when I visit Inner Radiance Spa. I love the organic products she uses and I especially love the facial massage! Shaly is a talented and sensitive woman. I highly recommend that you visit Inner Radiance Spa and try it out!

- K. Bornstein, Business Owner, Phoenix, AZ


Description: Merchant Ratings 

All I can say is Wow! I had heard about this comprehensive wellness center, but never had the chance to go until recently. I booked a facial and all I can say it was absolutely amazing! My skin felt so awesome that I was telling everyone about this place. They used Eminence products - I have never heard of that line.... but all I know is if my skin feels like this tomorrow, I am surely going to buy some of the moisturizers that they used on me today.
I have also heard that the massages are wonderful, so it is giving me ideas about a birthday present for my husband!
My only complaint was that it was a little tricky to find. I had to go around the block twice, but I finally found it. I am glad I did... I will definitely be back.

- Kimberley F.

Description: Merchant Ratings 

Best kept secret in Phoenix!

- Devika L.

Description: Merchant Ratings

I absolutely love Inner Radiance Spa. I have been a fan of Shaly's for years and was thrilled when she opened her own business. I look forward to quality facials and other services offered at Inner Radiance. I have received very comprehensive care from Dr.G and appreciate his dedication and wealth of knowledge. I look forward to my next service at Inner Radiance Spa. I am a fan if Eminence products.
 I just reordered my facial cream, and am looking forward to my birthday facial! I love the healing services you all provide and can proudly say I have been a loyal customer (fan) for 5 years. Both the spa and the physical medicine areas always provide the best the support the valley has to offer! Thanks Dr. G. & Shaly.
- Terri N.

Description: Merchant Ratings

My family and I have been patient's of Dr.G's for four years now. He and his staff have worked miracles on me and helped my daughters through numerous soccer and volleyball injuries. I have chronic lower back pain that flares up from time to time and infringes on my ability to work my second job. With various treatments, massages and adjustments I was able to work, on my feet for 12-16 hr shits, through the flare up and was pain free within 48 hours.! My daughters and I have had nothing but excellent massages and facials from the Inner Radiance staff and have never had an issue with scheduling or services provided. Dr.G has always gone above and beyond to ensure that we were cared for. He and his staff maintain a highly professional practice while caring for us like family. Thank you Dr. G, Back Health and Inner Radiance staff, we heart you!
~ The Wilson Family

Description: Merchant Ratings

My experience was delightful. I'm unsure what the previous reviewer was referring to but I was able to schedule - cancel and then reschedule without an issue. The staff was polite and accommodating even taking me on a tour of the office and spa. My facial and massage were to die for!! The ladies who took care of me were knowledgeable and friendly. Offering suggestions for further treatment and at home care. I would recommend Inner Radiance spa to any of my friends and family.

Description: Merchant Ratings

This review is service related and speaks of the fun, light and refreshing facial I received from Nicole at Inner Radiance Spa. ...and this is coming from a guy who doesn't usually get facials but I decided to go given the recent deal they had out...Nicole acted professional, even started by asking questions to understand what skin type I had and how she could give me the best facial using the products that would be the most effective on my skin. The hour flew by as my face went from NO to WOAH! I really enjoyed how she massaged my face during the one hour event. I'd def go back and visit her for more services! Thanks again for making me look better than ever!

-Nicole P. 

Description: Merchant Ratings

This spa is by far the best Organic day spa in the Biltmore area of AZ :) It was like finding a hidden gem. The beds are so comfy and warmed with a bed heater. The staff is so sweet and kind. The facial was the best I have ever had! My skin looked amazing after and I had so many compliments! They use Eminence organic skin care and I love it!! I have been getting facials for years and I highly encourage facial lovers to go here. They have great spa packages and great prices so its affordable for everyone!

Description: Merchant Ratings

I have been going to Inner Radiance Spa for 3 years, and it is the best kept secret for organic skin care in Phoenix! I am in their organic facial club (it is only $65 for a facial and you get discounts on organic skin care products and events). They are one of the few places that offer threading as well. What I love about it is that it is an organic spa inside a comprehensive wellness center. It is a very professional, beautiful, and clean and environment. And your threading is done in a beautiful, PRIVATE facial room, unlike going to the mall or a salon for threading.

Of course their facials are amazing as well! They do this facial massage that is UNBELIEVABLE. Some Hungarian toning thing! I swear, my skin looks 5-10 years younger afterwards. I've also done the non-invasive facelift/microcurrent and it really makes a visible difference right away! I am thinking of buying one of the machines from them that they sell for home use.

They said that are going to be offering organic manicures and pedicures soon too. I can't wait!

I highly recommend Inner Radiance Spa for everyone. Trust me, you don't need to go to a medspa to look young and beautiful! They will do an even better job, and it is all natural. They also have supplements and other programs to help your body slow doing the aging process and work on healing from the inside. Very powerful!

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