Wellness Services

NEW SERVICES JANUARY 2021! See our News & Special page for more info.

Zerona Z6 Laser for Fat Loss 
FDA-cleared, Non-Invasive, No Pain, No Downtime, No Side Effects. 

Erchonia Cold Laser for pain.   

Biomeridian Energetic Health Assessment
Based on the ancient Chinese meridian system, Biomeridian helps determine whether your body is balanced, stressed, or weakened in 17 organ systems. You will be able to see where your skin and health conditions may stem from You will be given a consultation and treatment plan and will return after one month for a post test to determine your progress.

BIA (Biometric Impedence Analysis)
A powerful tool used to measure how well your body is aging, how well your cells are absorbing nutrients and water, and to determine your body composition.

Food & Environmental Sensitivity Testing
Many skin conditions and health problems may stem from food &; environmental sensitivities. Our non-invasive testing helps you identify what these may be for you.

Medical Cupping: 30, 45, 60-minutes
Uses suction on local areas of concerns to increase circulation, remove toxins and decrease muscle spasm to relieve pain.