Wellness Services

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Performed by Robin Hand, Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Physician's Assistant for over 30 years. Robin has a diverse medical background which includes sleep medicine, internal medicine, family practice, pain management, women's health, infectious disease, cardiology, and oncology. She is a strong advocate and promoter of preventative healthcare and is very caring towards her patients.

Services Provided: All Basic Primary Care Needs utilizing an integrative approach. Includes, if needed, ordering lab work, prescriptions, etc. Nutritional injections also available.

Vitamin & Mineral IV Drips, Pushes and Injections

  • B12 Shot: Increase metabolism for more energy
  • Slim Shot: Burn fat, speed up metabolism and help regulate blood sugar for a lean body composition
  • "Flu" Shot: Fight viruses naturally with homeopathic medicine for relief of acute and chronic conditions
  • Allergy Shot: Specific for environmental allergies. Recommended biannually for long term control of allergy symptoms
  • Trigger Point Injections: Immediate pain relief for muscle spasms
  • Recovery Drip: Essential amino acids to boost performance for athletes
  • Glutathione Push: powerful antioxidant used by the body to promote detoxification and increase immune function

Contact our office to schedule for your primary care needs. Inquire about insurance options.

Dry Needling: 30-minutesDry needling is the insertion of acupuncture needles (a thin solid needle) into an area of pain. Needles are only inserted into “Trigger Points” which are tender spots or knots in muscles. Dry needling can break up muscle knots and trigger points. Also, dry needling stimulates the release of endorphins adding in temporary pain relief and encourages the body’s natural healing process.

Medical Cupping: 30, 45, 60-minutes

Uses suction on local areas of concerns to increase circulation, remove toxins and decrease muscle spasm to relieve pain.

Hydrotherapy: 60-minutes

Uses hot and cold applications to improve overall wellness. Focusing on relaxation, detoxification and supporting immune heath. Treatment includes neck and scalp massage.


Semi-active yin yoga, relieve stiffness in joints, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety.

Customized Private Sessions $60 per session

Biomeridian Energetic Health Assessment

Based on the ancient Chinese meridian system, Biomeridian helps determine whether your body is balanced, stressed, or weakened in 17 organ systems. You will be able to see where your skin and health conditions may stem from You will be given a consultation and treatment plan and will return after one month for a post test to determine your progress.

BIA (Biometric Impedence Analysis)

A powerful tool used to measure how well your body is aging, how well your cells are absorbing nutrients and water, and to determine your body composition.

Food & Environmental Sensitivity Testing

Many skin conditions and health problems may stem from food &; environmental sensitivities. Our non-invasive testing helps you identify what these may be for you.